USCIS has accounted for over 99 percent of the approximately 2,600 identified invalid work permits requiring return. Twenty-two of the approximately 2,600 recipients failed to return their work permits or certify good cause for not doing so by the deadline of July 30, 2015. As a result, those 22 have been terminated from DACA. The recall only applied to SOME individuals who received a card after the Feb. 16, 2015, court order. There are approximately 108,000 individuals who have valid 3-year DACA work permits and do not need to return them. If you were affected by the recall and returned your invalid 3-year work permit, use Case Status Online to verify whether USCIS received your work permit.

Policy’s are changing, 3 years ago the USA was serious about stopping deporting for younger illegal aliens and granting work permits to them.

These policy’s are good for the U.S. and will keep smart, hardworking young people in our country where their talents can be nurtured and developed for American interests.

40 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Founded by Immigrants or Their Children

Intel, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Sun Microsystems, are all companies that were started by immigrants. They create thousands of new jobs, and create entire industries out of nothing with their intelligence and hard work. You’ve got it backwards, it’s not that America can’t afford to have these young people in the country, especially because it’s a recession, It’s that America can’t afford not to have these young people in our countries because they create jobs.

So in effect the official position is that we want to take potential jobs away from Americans by deporting young, law-abiding, smart and hardworking people. Why wouldn’t you want Americans to have jobs?

College educated immigrants create new businesses and industries that employ the rest of Americans. Deporting these smart kids is a dumb policy because while it might free up some low-paying jobs now, it sacrifices a lot of higher-paying jobs now and later.